Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coffee Shop Night!

At the union there is this coffee shop called Caribou Cafe.  It's a sweet little place that's really popular during the day but not so popular at night when people actually have something to do.  So here I am with nothing to do, best friend on a date, and uninterested with my hallmates.

So I came to the coffee shop.  All day, it was just kind of a coffee shop day.  It just felt like a good night to go sit, write a blog, read my Bible, do some thinking and people watch like a total creep.  I think my brother would think that's a very trendy thing of me to do.  But I don't mind.  

And here I am.  I came to a few conclusions:

1.  People are weird.  There's an asian chick working the cash register and I swear she's apologized at least 5 times in the last 2 minutes.  She can't go through a full sentence without an apology.  Also, there is some sort of tai chi/dance class going on in the bottom half of the Union in the open area where there are normally chairs and tables.  The only annoyance I find is that their music is so loud it's competing with my head phones.  Also, there is a guy who has walked around the ground floor of the Union fourth times.  He is currently on his fifth go around.  What's weird about that?  Oh, maybe the fact that he's walking BACKWARDS.  He's probably my future husband.  That's his gym membership.

2.  I'm eating an apple fritter.  It's making the crappy things slightly better.

3.  Jill Chatfield sent me a letter in the mail.  I received it today.  I love getting mail.  Seriously, love it.  

4.  I'm sick of girls.  Not to say I don't love girls.  But I like on a wing full of them.  I would like to be around some males.  But not just any males.  I am longing to have guy friends who love Jesus and are dedicated to moral things.  And lovely things, noble things, righteous things.  I'm sick of douche bags.  Don't you dare misread what I'm saying.  I am not referring to how much I'd love to be married.  No.  I am only saying, "Good grief!  I miss hanging out with people who do stupid things just to see if they can and who hide in my trunk to scare me but then fail and who will have coffee with me and talk about Jesus and life."  Is that too much to ask for?  Apparently it is.

5. I saw a sign for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and got super excited.  It sounded so good and perfect for writing a blog about how excited I am that it's fall!  But they don't serve them until tomorrow.  I hate pre-advertisement.  So then I thought, hey, I'll get a Rooibos Lemonade.  Nope.  I won't.  They're all out.  Chai?  Oh good.  Something I like.

Also, I hate it when people ask me if I'm "going home after class."  I always say no.  Because I do not refer to the dorms as home.  I won't say it.

Jesus, please send me some friends that love you.


  1. favorite: He is currently on his fifth go around. What's weird about that? Oh, maybe the fact that he's walking BACKWARDS. He's probably my future husband.

    i miss you and love. oh, how i wonder where my little, lost letter is… maybe some sad, lonely person received it and needed it really bad. or something. dang it.

  2. Hey Ruthy!

    You've made me famous. Glenn googled my name and your Coffee Shop Night came up! I've already lost your address; could you respond to this? OR post a comment on my blog and I won't publish it.