Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Bliss

How loved can one person feel?


As all....eleven....of my followers know, my birthday was last Sunday, March 27th.  Nineteen years ago on  a cold Friday morning in March my Momma heard my loud, unforgettable cry.  She had a baby girl with more dark hair than you can imagine.  My mother and father like to tell me about how I kept them up ALL night long.  My poor, poor mother was in labor all night.  And so, my life started out with a hassle.  haha.  I wasn't even breathing air and I was already a nuisance.  Just wait till I started talking and having opinions!

For nineteen years I have been more loved than I can fathom.
My friends love me and for some odd reason put up with me.
My brothers love me and tease me and feel the need to protect me from the male side of population.
My sisters love me and taught me the delicacies of coffee and will stay up at ungodly hours of the night talking with me.
My parents love me.  There are too many things my parents do for me to list.  They have always and will always be my biggest supporters.  I have no doubt that my parents will be behind me, building me up in Christ, urging me to love Him more daily.

I have a blessed life.  Yea, so there are day-to-day struggles.  But I wouldn't have any character or back bone if God didn't give me strife.  (Although my Pop would say I'll always be a character. Ba doom ching.)

I love my friends.
I love my family.
I love my life.
But most importantly, I love my maker.

Open your eyes.  See how blessed you are.

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  1. You are precious. And i miss you and hope to fix that soon.