Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I thank God for my piece of apple pie.

True statement: If I just get another tattoo, a calculator watch, a new pair of shoes, and a new lens for my camera I will be SO HAPPY.

I will suddenly become completely and totally content and I won't ever want another thing again. Or at least until the new Apple processor comes out this summer! Or until I see a new phone case I want. Or until I see an adorable summer dress I just HAVE to have!

Hold the phone. Sounds like I need to watch Madame Blueberry's Veggie Tale episode again. Stuff Mart didn't do her any good. And it doesn't do us any good either. The culture is great at making me think I just can't live without that certain hair styling product and eye makeup. I just won't be as pretty as the girl who uses that product! And everyone knows I have to be as pretty as her! What would I do if I wasn't!?

News flash America: tons of people survive every day without half the BALDERDASH you buy. So how about you try remembering that the ultimate price was paid for you. So no amount of BALDERDASH will ever make you happy.

Believer, you have joy, happiness, peace and contentment in Christ. So try seeking it in Christ today, rather than in the isle you just turned down as you read this on your smart phone with your cart full of BALDERDASH you simply don't need.

"I thank God for this day/for the sun in the sky/for my mom and my dad/for my piece of apple pie/for our home on the ground/for His love that's all around/that's why I say thanks everyday/because a thankful heart is a happy heart/I'm glad for what I have that's an easy way to start/for the love that He shares/'cause He listens to my prayers/that's why I say thanks everyday."

Such a simple melody and words. But how often we forget them. There's grace for you. And thank God Almighty there's grace for me. Lord knows I need it.


  1. I love this. so, so true.
    -Brianna Wheeler

    p.s. i also love the word balderdash. :)

  2. A good word. Preach!