Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Husband,

Will you love all of the freckles that spring up on my face in the summer?
Will you love people as much as I do?
Will you be able to embrace my outbursts of musical renditions?
Will you help me to love the Lord more and more every day?
Will you wash my feet just to show me the Father's love?
Will you pray for me now, even before we've met?
Will you give me flowers just because it's a Tuesday?
Will you give me flowers just because it's a Tuesday, 35 years into our marriage?
Will you open your arms to the needy with me?
Will you stand side by side with me to further the Kingdom?
Will you love me even though I sweat more than any human being should?
Will you still think I'm beautiful even when I sweat that much?
Will you hold my hair back when I'm throwing up at three in the morning?
Will you hold me when I'm scared?
Will you help me love Jesus to the best of my ability?
Will you love Him more than me?
Will you be excited to face the future with me?
Will you be humble enough to admit you were wrong?
Will you help me be humble enough to admit when I'm wrong? (Don't worry, it won't happen much.)
Will you laugh at my quirks?
Will you know how I like my coffee?
Will you love every hair cut I have, even if I come home crying because I hate it?
Will you make dinner with me?
Will you go grocery shopping with me!?
Will you promise to help me laugh when I make the worst dinner in the history of the world and all I want to do is cry?
Will you let me buy 2% milk even if you like skim?
Will you smile and rub my back when I speak Spanish in my sleep?
Will you accept that I am not a morning person, but that I am in fact a night owl?
Will you watch infomercials with me at one in the morning when I can't sleep?
Will you love me despite my mistakes?
Will you sing songs with me?
Will you sing me to sleep when I can't stop crying?
Will you go on walks with me in the middle of the night!?
Will you make me mix CD's for my car rides to work?
Will you encourage me in all my endeavors to seek first the Lord?
Will you have nicknames for me?
Will you go to Guatemala with me and volunteer in an orphanage?
Will you take me out to jazz clubs and ballets and concerts?
Will you parade me around like a prize that you won?
Will you be SO proud that I am yours?
Will you go on adventures with me!?
Will you get pumped for Christmas with me!?
Will you know how I like my name spelled?
Will you know which flower is my favorite?
Will you buy me a Magic Bullet?
Will you laugh at my jokes even when they aren't funny?
Will you say forever and mean it?
Will you love me even when I'm the most stubborn women with whom you have to come in contact?
Will you make me hot tea, buy me the most chocolate ice cream you can find, plug in the heating pad for me, and watch Mary Poppins with me when I have horrible cramps?
Will you buy me tampons?
Will you know which tampons I like best and be able to pick them out with ease when I'm not there?
Will you love me to the best of your ability?
Will you stick with me through thick and thin?

Dearest, I'm waiting for you.  And although I'm not altogether pleased with God's timing, I am confident you are worth the wait.  I'm praying for you, love.  You will have my devotion and affection when you finally show up.  But until then, I must trust the Lord with my heart.  Look to Jesus, dearheart.  Wait for me.  And be a man like David.  I pray your heart is fashioned after God's.  I love you.  And I miss you.  I can't wait to be man and wife.

I love you.

Your wife,



  1. Oh, Ruth.
    I'm with you.
    this is precious.
    can't wait for our date tomorrow.
    DON'T FORGET!!!!!

  2. I love it Ruthi!!!
    It's perfect!
    Thanks for sharing.