Thursday, December 9, 2010

Humility? No problem.

So what's with all the humility talks lately?

Do they think college kids are too proud or something?

I went to Christian Challenge (a campus ministry) for the first time last week,  then to Faith Evangelical Free on Sunday morning.  I swear, all the pastors in Manhappenin' are conspiring together to talk about humility.  But really, who needs it?

Obviously, I'm being sarcastic.  The sermons have been really good; really convicting.

Christian Challenge had a talk I especially appreciated.  He discussed a true worshiper.  What a true worshiper looks like.  So check this out.  It's worth your time.

1. A true worshiper is humble.

Convicting right off the bat.  How bothersome.  Exodus 34:18 is the Lord talking about when He delivered the Israelites from their bondage in Egypt.  He is seeking to teach the Jews humility by remembering when He so graciously led them from captivity.  He rescued them.  They were stuck.  There was so exit.  He rescued them.  He commands them to remember that.

2. A humble worshiper grieves and confesses their sins and failures to God.

Exodus 33:4, the Lord sternly rebukes the Jews.  They show their grief by abstaining from wearing jewelry and fine clothes.  They confess to the Lord.  They spend time grieving their humanness to the Creator of the world.

3. A humble worshiper remembers his first love.  (Possibly the most convicting.  Watch out.)

Exodus 33:12-15.  I love this passage.  So much.  God tells the Israelites they will soon go to the Promised Land.  Moses inquires about who will lead them.  God tells Moses not to worry, the Lord will be with them.  Moses then has the balls to say, "If you don't personally go with us, don't make us leave this place."  Do I have that kind of courage?  Do I have the guts to say, if God isn't with me, I won't go.  Or I won't do this.  Or I won't marry this person.  The Lord is the only One that matters in the world, yet the hesitance I feel is my sin nature coming out.  Could I and would I straight up say to the Lord, "if you're not, I'm not."  That's what my namesake did.  Ruth was super kick-butt.  She was all like, "Naomi, monkey-see, monkey-do."  She chose God.  Ruth chose God.  I want to choose God.  I want you to choose God.

4. A humble worshiper looks to the needs of others.

Exodus 33:15.  Moses asked the Lord, well really, he pleaded with the Lord not to make the Israelites go if the Lord was not accompanying them.  Moses cried out from the depths of his heart and pleaded that the Lord not forsake them.  This might have been partly selfish on his part, but then again, can you blame him?  The man saw God's back.  The man shone with the radiance of God.  Moses looked to the needs of those around him when he pleaded with the Lord.

5. A humble worshiper values how others bring glory to God.

Exodus 33:16.  Now Moses starts playing lawyer.  He's convincing God to go with them.  He pretty makes a pros and cons list.  Brothers and sisters, we were created to bring glory to God.  We were created to praise His name.  We must hold each other accountable that our actions are pleasing and glorifying to Christ the King.  We must value the glory we as His people bring Him.  Father give us awareness.

6. A humble worshiper reflets the glory of God.

Exodus 34:29-30.  So this is crazy.  Moses comes down after a nice chat with God.  Is specifically says that he was unaware that his face had become radiant because he had spoken to the Lord.  Because of this, the Jews were afraid to come near him.  How crazy!  The Lord pretty much, rubbed some glory off on 'Ole Moses.  I pray that the Lord would bestow upon me a joy that shines and radiates the love of Christ.  I also pray that He would bestow the same joy to my fellow brothers and sisters.  I pray that He would make it evident to unbelievers that there is a difference about me.  The Holy Spirit lives in me!  I must live my life to honor Him!  Let us glorify the Lord and reflect His greatness!

I'm falling in love with Exodus.  And I might name one of my son's Moses.

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