Saturday, May 21, 2011

Faithless Bride

Ezekiel 16.  Read it.  And see yourself as His bride.  Let the sweet gospel wash over your heart and soul.

Israel.  The Lord's Bride.  You.

You were unwanted.
You were despised and rejected.
Covered in blood, my heart had compassion for you as you struggled for your next breath.

You were covered with blood, no hope of a future, abandoned little wretch, thrown away in the trash.

But my heart fell in love.
When I saw your pathetic form.
I breathed my breath of life to fill your lungs.
I loved you.

The years flashed by as you grew to be a beauty.
The world stood in awe as you simply took a breath.
I was in love and I took you to the alter.
Jewelry and silk, crowns and anointments.  None could compare to your unmatchable beauty.

But my heart fell in love.
As I vowed to you my whole heart.
Forever yours, you became my queen and love affair.
I loved you.

Then one day you stood gazing too long in the mirror.  
You trusted in your beauty.
You became a whore.
You stripped yourself of respect, beauty, even true love.
You became what you wanted.
My faithless bride.

But my heart fell in love.
When I saw you in the Brothel.
My tears fell freely as my heart shattered 'round my feet.
I loved you.

You were a whore, you were a tramp, you were a slut, you had betrayed me.
You adulteress wife.
You faithless bride.

But my heart fell in love.
That's why I have to crush you. 
I must strip you bare before you see your own despair.
I loved you.

I beat my breast.
I tore my robes.
How could I harm you whom I love so much?
It is for your good.
Because I loved you.

I devote myself to you, my bride.
Your shame still brings tears to my eyes.
My covenant with you is strong and will hold fast.
Faith love, is all you need to get somewhere.
Put your past behind you and take my hand---
As we walk, let us walk through the Promised Land.

Now my heart falls in love every day.
When I see your shining face on the pillow mere inches away.

You faithful bride.
You loving wife.
My heart is yours.
My love, you are my pride and joy.
As your husband, as your head I devote myself.
To you forever.
I love you.

He will keep His covenant with you.

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