Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keep asking.

I've been asking a lot of questions lately.

I'm learning that questions aren't a sign of weakness due to lack of knowledge; rather they are an indication of growth, development and maturity.
Growth doesn't end. Especially not spiritual growth. With spiritual growth we become more mature Christians, but we never reach a climax where we know all the answers, and comprehend everything Jesus has left for us in His word. I fear that if we do not feel the need to ask questions, we are in danger of giving ourselves much more credit than we deserve in regards to our salvation and our Savior.

Christians tend to be arrogant people. We tend to be arrogant people. We act like we somehow deserve the salvation that was given us. We act as though we are better than those unbelievers forever wallowing in their sin and self-pity.

As a Christian there is only one thing of which I am completely certain.

His redeeming love.
His never ending grace.
And his atonement that leaves me beautiful and shameless in His eyes.

We are forgiven. Why then, do we not act as His forgiven children? We are blessed with His favor. Remember that.

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